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Friday, November 16, 2018


Its been a couple days from my last post, and I want to keep my momentum up, but I was unsure what to post. There are many tea blogs out there, most of which are mainly reviews of tea, tea ware, tea vendors, etc., and those bloggers do quite a good job of that. This blog is not that. Actually, I didn't really intend for this to be a blog at all, really just a statement of purpose, but the blog format was free, and I don't have anything to sell... so here we are. Anyways, I think it is good for me to provide public updates, since I have publicly stated my desire.

I want a tea house in Los Angeles that features gong fu service, and puer. I do not have a business plan (I don't even know for sure that I want to be the person who would write the business plan for the tea house, or if this will be a team or a partnership... I do want a role though!) Right now I am really just doing research. This blog is part of the research. I am gauging (and hopefully generating) interest. I recently went on a trip to several tea houses on the west coast, this trip is actually what inspired me to want to make a tea house in LA. I plan on going on more of these trips soon, but with the intent of discussing what works and what doesn't with the owners (over tea of course). The idea of this trip excites me. Tomorrow, there is a tea pop-up in Echo Park hosted by imagesoftea.xyz. I am going to that for several reasons: 1) to drink tea, 2) to fellowship with tea people 3) to see what kind of interest there is in gong fu puer right now in this town 4) because it interests me and sounds awesome! this last point is the most important to me. I know that if this becomes a business, there will be a lot of hard work associated with it, I have no delusions about that, but I want it to be fun as well! If I'm not having fun, then whats the point?

Here's what else I'm doing to have fun with this. Shenglife.org (no need to click the link, it just sends you right back here at the moment) I ordered stickers! like 1500 of them. Just like the sheng life logo ta the top of my page. I'm going to start giving those to people. maybe generate some traffic for this page. My first attempt at marketing. Creating the sticker image was a ton of fun for me, and I am really excited to get those stickers and to start putting them on all my stuff. I am thinking about getting some tee shirts made, and then selling those on the sheng life site. That sounds like a ton of fun to me as well. Even if no one buys the shirt, creating it will be fun, and I think I can do it with out sinking too much money into it. Then I can play around with marketing the shirts and all of that.

In summary, I am in a research/data gathering phase of tea house development. I am testing the local interest in having this type of tea house. I am planning another trip to check out tea houses, but this time I will set up appointments to talk to the owners to find out how they make their money. I have stickers on order, and am thinking about making some tee shirts. As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated! thanks

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